Tab Mix Plus

Table of Contents
Session - Start/Exit
image Controls Firefox's built-in Session Restore, Session Manager and Crash Recovery features
  • Use Firefox's built-in Session Restore Feature - when checked, Firefox's Session Restore feature will be in effect
  • Enable Session Manager
  • Enable Crash Recovery

Sessions are stored in the session.rdf file in your profile folder. A backup of this file is stored in the sessionbackups folder in your profile folder. If your session becomes corrupt and you are unable to restore that session, copy one of the backup files (tabmix_sessions-yyyy-mm-dd.rdf) from the backup folder to your profile folder, rename the file to session.rdf.

For a full range of sessions managing features, you can use Session Manager extension which is created specifically for that purpose.
When Session Manager extension is installed, Tab Mix Plus turns its own session manager off. Your existing sessions will be converted to SM format. This two extensions work well together without any known problems.

IMPORTANT! If you uninstall or disable Session Manager extension, Tab Mix Plus will revert back to its file which will not have the sessions saved with Session Manager extension.


  • When browser Starts (select one option):
    • Restore
    • Ask Before Restoring
    • Dont Restore
  • When Browser Exits (select one option):
    • Save Session
    • Ask before Saving
    • Dont Save


When Restoring Sessions:
  • Overwrite existing windows
    • And tabs
    • Save windows in closed windows list
  • Join multiple windows into one
  • Bypass cache when restoring

    Force Firefox to download page content data from the origin server. Same as using Ctrl + F5 or Ctrl + Shift + R to reload the selected tab overriding cache.

  • Don't load tabs until selected (Removed)

    Mozilla removed the option "Don't load tabs until selected" from Firefox 47 user interface.
    If you want to load all tabs immediately on Restore, go to about:config and set the preference
    browser.sessionstore.restore_on_demand to false.



Preserve Tabs:
  • History
  • Permissions
  • Protected Status
  • Lock Status
  • Scroll and Text Size
Preserve Windows:
  • Selected Tab
  • Closed Tab list