Tab Mix Plus

Table of Contents
Mouse - Mouse Gestures
  • Select tab pointed for ___ msec
    • Specify time in milliseconds, 250 milliseconds is default.
  • Switch to last selected tab when clicking current one
    clicking the current tab will make the last selected tab take focus and become the current tab after the specified time delay
    • Use time delay of ___ msec
      specify time in milliseconds, 250 milliseconds is default
  • Mouse click (down and release) to select a tab
  • Remove Tab Mix Plus menu list entries using middle-click
    applies to:
    • Tabs in menus opened from Tab Mix Plus Opened Tabs list button or context menu: middle-click on tab entry in the list removes the tab itself, not just the entry in the list.
    • Sessions in Tab Mix Plus sessions menu: middle-click on session entry in the list removes the session.
    • Closed tabs in the Closed tabs list: middle-click on tab entry in the list removes the tab from the closed tabs list, removed tab cannot be restored anymore.
    • Closed windows in the Closed windows list: middle-click on window entry in the list removes the window from the closed windows list, removed window cannot be restored anymore.
  • When closing a tab, other tabs should not resize until cursor leaves toolbar region

    applies only if tabs closed with the tab Close button. This option allows user to close more than one tab without moving the mouse.

  • When dragging a tab move it directly - (applies only when tabs are in single row).

    This option is not about the drop indicator, it's about moving a tab when you drag it. When this option is on, and tabs are on one row, the tab starts to move when you start dragging it. When tabs are in mutli-row or when this options is off, the tab is not moving when you drag it. You see a drop indicator and the tab will move to its new place when you stop dragging it and release the mouse button.

  • Drop indicator (select one):
    • Native Style (single down arrow)
    • Built-in style (left and right arrows)