Tab Mix Plus

Table of Contents
image Controls what actions are taken when a link is clicked in the browser window or another application

First three options are Firefox's hidden settings, more help available by clicking on the links below:
  • Prevent blank tabs when downloading files
  • When enabled, this option prevents blank tab opening from a link that contains one of the file types in this list and automatically closes most blank tabs that open for other file types. (There are some exceptions, links from Google Drive for example). This option doesn't change the way Firefox downloads files and the place the files are saved to.

    Click the "Edit" button to open "File Type Editor". In the editor, you can view the files extensions list, add, delete and modify the list. "Restore Defaults" button in this tab restores only the file type preference (extensions.tabmix.filetype).

    File type can be simple file extensions or regular expression.
    Post a question to the forum if you need help regarding special file type or download link.