Tab Mix Plus

Table of Contents
Events - Tab Opening
image Cntrol what action will open new tab, and if the new tab get the focus (select)
Open tabs from:
  • Bookmarks
  • Groups of bookmarks
  • When checked "Open All in Tabs" will open the bookmarks in new tabs, when unchecked the bookmarks will replace all tabs that are not locked or protected.

  • History
  • Address bar
  • Search bar
  • Middle-click or Control-click opens items in current tab
    Only for bookmarks, history, links forced to open in new tab
Focus/Select tabs that open by these action:
  • Links
  • Diverted windows
  • Other applications
  • New tab commands
  • Duplicate Tab
  • Address bar
  • Search bar
  • Context menu search for
  • Bookmarks/History
  • Groups of bookmarks
Inverse Middle-click or Control-click focus for tabs opened by these action:
  • Links
  • Bookmarks/History, Address bar, Search bar