Tab Mix Plus

Table of Contents
Events - Tab Features
  • Enable undo close tabs
  • (previously closed tabs may be reopened and the following conditions will be applied)
    • Max number of closed tabs to remember (specify a quantity) default: 10
    • Restore the tab's original position (tabs are restored to their position when closed)
    • Make the toolbar button display only a list
    • image If checked, when the Closed Tabs List button is clicked, a menu will open with recently closed tabs list. An arrow appears on the button next to the label indicating that a menu is present.

      image When this option is not checked, the button will restore the last closed tab when clicked and an arrow will be displayed. A click on the arrow opens a menu with recently closed tabs list.

    • Keep menu open
    • Enabling 'Keep menu open' leave the menu open after deleting or opening closed tab, in order to allow you to do several commands in a row without having to open the menu every time. To close the menu, click with the mouse outside the menu. image

Use middle mouse click on Closed Tabs List button to restore all closed tabs at once.
Use right mouse click on recently closed tabs list menu to open the context menu seen in the image below. image

  • Toggle tabs slideshow - click to go to Menu/Shortcut to enable/disable or change the shortcut
  • Disable Open/Close tab animation (removes default Firefox animation from tabs)
Auto Reload
  • Reload a tab regardless of its address - the tab will be reloaded even if its URL changes
  • Show Reload Every menu on Reload button - a Reload every menu will be added to the Reload toolbar button