Tab Mix Plus

Table of Contents
Events - New Tabs
image Controls which URL loads in New Tab and location of newly opened tabs.
Groups of bookmarks/history
When opening many tabs from bookmarks group or history loading time for all tabs can be long, especially when multi-process (aka E10s, Electrolysis) is enabled.
It is recommended to enable these options when opening many tabs.
  • Load tabs progressively - load tabs no more than 3 tabs at a time.
  • Don't load tabs until selected - all background tabs remain unloaded until selected.
For both options you can set the amount of tabs that serve as a threshold to enable the option.
Lock tabs
  • Lock New tabs
  • Lock App tabs

  • Apply changes to open tabs

You can set Tab Mix Plus to lock every new tab and every new App tab. If "Apply changes to open tabs" is enabled, any change to Lock New tabs or Lock Apps tabs preferences change the lock status of open tabs acordingly.

More about Protected Locked and Frozen Tabs