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How to create and post a screen shot

A screen shot can help to explain details of a problem.

  • To create a screen shot of your entire desktop, press the "Ctrl-PrtScn" buttons on your keyboard.  This will capture an image of your screen to your PC memory.  Then launch some graphics program such as "MSPaint" (comes with all Windows O/S) and paste the captured image into "MSPaint".  That file may then be saved as a .jpg or .png image to be posted.
  • A better alternative - To create a screen shot of a single window, dialog box, error message, etc., select the window to make that window have focus.  Then press the "Alt-PrtScn" buttons to capture the image to your PC memory.  Paste the captured image into "MSPaint" and save the file as a .jpg or .png image to be posted.

Follow these steps to attach the screen shot to your post in the Forum:
  1. In your thread, click Full Editor button under the quick reply box.
  2. Locate Filename and Browse buttons, click and navigate to the screen shot you just saved.
  3. Click Add File and Submit. Your file will be attached to your post.
  4. You can make the screen shot visible in the post by adding attachment tag with the file name you saved [attachment=1]FILE.NAME[/attachment]. If you attach more than one file, refer to each one with its number: attachment=1, attachment=2... .

Alternatively, you may post the image file you saved to a public server like Imgur or some other free image hosting website. Visit their sites for more details on how to get link to the image to post in the forum.


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