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How to post about a problem

Most issues reported in Tab Mix Plus forum usually end up to be extensions or theme conflicts.

When posting, please, always include your OS (Operating System), Firefox and Tab Mix Plus versions. A list of your extensions could also be useful as somebody might spot a troublesome extension which can lead to a faster resolution.
You can set your OS, Firefox and Tab Mix Plus information in the signature field in your profile (link to the User Control Panel is at the top of every page of the Forum). This way, you won't have to type it every time. Just remember to update it with Firefox and/or Tab Mix Plus update!
It is very helpful if you can post the steps to reproduce your problem and if you experience an issue with a specific page, include a link(-s).

Add attachment to your post
Follow these steps to attach a file or a screenshot to your post to the Forum:
  1. In your thread, click Full Editor button under the quick reply box.
  2. Locate Filename and Browse buttons, click and navigate to the file you just saved.
  3. Click Add File and Submit. Your file will be attached to your post.

Save Troubleshooting Information from Firefox

Use Firefox Troubleshooting Information page to help us fix issues with Tab Mix Plus. Use Copy text to clipboard button on the Troubleshooting page and save the data to a text file. There are also a few extensions to help you with posting such info in forums, like Infolister and Extensions List Dumper.

Save Tab Mix Plus Preferences
You may be asked to post your Tab Mix Plus preferences. To do that, follow these steps:
  1. Open Tab Mix Plus Options and click the 'Preferences' button at the bottom left corner.
  2. Choose 'Export Preferences' and save the file to a location on your hard drive.

Save Browser Console log

The Browser Console is a tool provided by Firefox to log errors, warnings and messages for all content tabs, for add-ons, and for the browser's own code.

The content of the Browser Console can provide important information about your problem. To get this information, open the Browser Console (Tools > Web Developer > Browser console) when you encounter the problem you want to report about, right click anywhere in the console and click select all. Copy everything and paste it to a text file.

If your problem happens when Firefox starts, open the Browser Console immediately after Firefox starts and copy/paste its content to a text file, then clear the content and open new window and copy/paste the Browser Console content to another file.

Where to post
To help the developers and users to track issues and get better search results, please remember to:
Thank you for your cooperation and Good Luck!

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