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  • Fixed: e085a7e When SessionStore open many tabs we can get wrong height from tabstripInnerbox.
  • Fixed: 7950715 Follow up bug 1417940 - Change various instances of manually calling getService to use Services.jsm in toolkit.
  • Fixed: 3ba63e7 Follow up bug 1415863 - Rename mTabBox to tabbox.
  • Fixed: 855200f Follou up bug 1415537 - Rename mTabstrip to arrowScrollbox.
  • Fixed: 369dbb2 Follow up bug 1415235 - Rename adjustTabstrip to _updateCloseButtons.
  • Fixed: 06d33b7 Add missing from dialog prompt when stylo for chtome is on ( = true).
  • Fixed: c61dd6b Follow up bug 1414096 - Remove support for nsISupportsString values in nsPrefBranch::{get,set}ComplexValue().
  • Fixed: 10c62d8 Follow up bug 1413413 - Remove support for extensions having their own prefs file.
  • Fixed: a9010ba Follow up bug 1406414 - Switch to an APNG loading indicator when the browser is under schedule pressure.
  • Fixed: bd2a5f8 Add "about:privatebrowsing" to newTabUrls list.
  • Fixed: 40e053f Follow up bug 1411642 - Don't let window controls overlap the nav bar.

  • Fixed: 33cdeb9 Follow up bug 1407498 - Don't query loadingprincipal in common case.
  • Fixed: db6cc8c Create lazy-browser when restoring closed tab to a background tab.
  • Fixed: 9408334 Follow up bug 1409784 - Remove mStringBundle from tabbrowser binding and expose gTabBrowserBundle instead.
  • Fixed: f47ecb6 Update onTabBarScroll function to call stopPropagation and preventDefault before scrolling or change selected tab.
  • Fixed: 69b408a Follow up bug 1408362 - Remove the tabbrowser-tabs class.
  • Fixed: 215ad30 Focus address-bar area if the selected tab is blank when Firefox starts.
  • Fixed: 9801a81 Function gMenuButtonBadgeManager removed in Firefox 56.
  • Fixed: b434f95 Remove padding top/bottom from close button on the toolbar.
  • Fixed: 6abd3e3 Cannot open Bookmarks in Firefox 57, Follow up bug 1405687 - Remove some deprecated code from Places related code.
  • Fixed: 6ef6230 Setting flowing to "multibar" in Firefox 57 prevents Tabmix.getButtonsHeight to get proper height when the window opened by SessionStore._openWindowWithState with more than one rows of tabs. Related to bug 1034036.
  • Fixed: b385357 GetGlobalForObject not working to get global SessionStore in Firefox 57.
  • Fixed: f71c5cc Follow up bug 1396440 - Run about pages' special click handlers only for button 0.
  • Fixed: b245235 Follow up bug 1392157 - Show a burst across the tab when a page has finished loading.

  • Fixed: 10d4824 Follow up bug 1387130 - Use original tabstrip scrolling behaviour when using scrollbuttons.
  • Fixed: b535f84 Restartless extensions not starts properly when our Session manager enabled. After changeset 5c6eda8 (Refactor _sendRestoreCompletedNotifications), we don't send completed-notifications in case user preferences match condition to set notRestore to true in Tabmix.beforeBrowserInitOnLoad.
  • Fixed: 8ab5a36 Follow up bug 1352119 - Implement new tab loading/progress indicator animation, Left over from changeset d8df9c0.
  • Fixed: 20d35bd Follow up bug 1054740 - When a session should be restored, don't load the homepage before the session file has been read.

  • Fixed: 97759f7 Follow up bug 1238314 - Implement browser.tabs opener functionality.
  • Fixed: d8df9c0 Follow up bug 1352119 - Implement new page loading indicator animation, part 1: update the throbber.
  • Fixed: dc904c6 Focus content area if the selected tab is not blank when Firefox starts.
  • Fixed: c11ab50 When Vertical Tabs Reloaded installed the title bar of Firefox displays incorrectly.

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