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  • Fixed: 5e2312e Click events on links that have defaultPrevented set to true should not open the link in a new tab. using addSystemEventListener instead of addEventListener allow us to test defaultPrevented properly.
  • Fixed: 40718a1 Follow up bug 1368208 - Don't flush layout to determine whether scrollbox scroll buttons should be enabled/disabled.
  • Fixed: a6dc62f Follow up bug 1185482 - In maximized windows, the hover effect of the caption buttons should span the entire height of the tab strip.
  • Fixed: e6f2a6e Pale Moon 27 have different tab margin between normal windows and maximized windows.
  • Fixed: 84912b0 Check both scrollSize and tabstrip innerbox height to determine if the scrolled is at the end.
  • Fixed: 609ff39 Update compatibility with TabGgroupManager (changeset e76538f).
  • Fixed: 26c4fb4 Don't use pending attribute from xul browser, Firefox 55 - bug 1370035 remove this attribute.
  • Fixed: 286dd6e Follow up bug 1345473 - Set tab as drag source.
  • Fixed: 282024a Follow up bug 1358721 - Avoid flushing layout in adjustTabstrip.
  • Fixed: 4b09b14 Follow up bug 1316505 part.1 The "wheel" event handler of <scrollbox> should use |.scrollByPixels()| for respecting wheel event's scroll speed and scrolling smoother.
  • Fixed: e39543e Follow up bug 1371604 - Convert arrowscrollbox.scrollboxPaddingStart and arrowscrollbox._startEndProps from XBL properties to fields.
  • Fixed: bf9e2e7 No need to search for content in pending tabs, prevents lazy browser prematurely inserted via 'messageManager' property access.
  • Fixed: aa16881 Follow up bug 1371962 - Rename the dir attribute added in bug 1357656 to labeldirection.
  • Fixed: eb54d4a Don't count removing tabs when checking tabs count before 'Warn you when closing window with multiple tabs' when Firefox giving up waiting for the tab closing animation to finish (bug 608589) tab count can contain removing tabs.
  • Fixed: f19af35 Make sure draggedTab._dragData exist.
  • Fixed: 59343c6 Follow up bug 1365232 - Have _delayedStartup() provide the correct triggeringPrincipal.
  • Fixed: df1301e Follow up bug 1363977 - Have loadTabs() provide the correct triggeringPrincipal.
  • Fixed: 2e68925 Backed out changeset: 9dde7bf923f8, It add extra space that if you click does nothing.
  • Fixed: 5ed16ea Set LOAD_BYPASS_CACHE when loading tab progressively.

  • Fixed: 9dde7bf Bottom border of top hidden row is visible in Firefox 55.
  • Fixed: 6d0dd25 Follow up bug 1355507 - Releasing a tab while dragging through the tabstrip on the same window should show a transition to its final resting place.
  • Fixed: d674c36 After bug 1364127 about:blank tabs label is its url instead of 'New Tab'.
  • Fixed: 1b82ece Follow up bug 1345098 - Lazy-browser-tabs: Deal with code which would unnecessarily/prematurely bind lazy-browsers.
  • Fixed: c565b24 Follow up bug 1365780 - Consistently dispatch the TabAttrModified event and update the title bar when setting tab labels.
  • Fixed: 011c7a8 Foloow up bug 1364127 - Set the initial tab label to the URL for new tabs and to the saved title for restored tabs, and make sure that label doesn't subsequently get clobbered with a placeholder.
  • Fixed: 5c3cf64 Fix TypeError: invalid 'instanceof' operand Ci.nsISupportsArray in Firefox 55, changeset 2eaa7d7 Follow up bug 1312901 - Use nsIArray for URL window argument.
  • Fixed: c9a188e Folloe up bug Bug 1353542.
  • Fixed: 67f21c6 Follow up bug 1359352 - Don't show "Connecting" and "Loading" labels in tab while loading pages.
  • Fixed: 0f6c291 Follow up bug 1345090 - Modify SessionStore to restore tabs with lazy-browsers.
  • Fixed: 9fbb785 Follow up bug 1354331 - Remove network.http.enablePerElementReferrer usages.
  • Fixed: 67e0763 Component returned failure code NS_NOINTERFACE [nsIInterfaceRequestor.getInterface].

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