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  • Fixed: b551624 Since Nightly 55.0a1 (2017-04-20) closing tab is broken, Follow up bug 1352069 - Introduce a pref that allows for disabling animations.
  • Fixed: a65eadc Follow up bug 1356569 - Remove notifyObservers last parameter when it is falsy.
  • Fixed: 8f223f0 Follow up bug 1308153 - part3 - implement the logic about showing the unblocking icon (apply fix to Firefox 52).
  • Fixed: 66bf00d Multirow tab bar incompatibility issue with Toolbar Position Changer add-on.
  • Fixed: 72ca504 Follow up bug 1354789 - Cache layout information needed in _positionPinnedTabs.
  • Fixed: ffab255 Follow up bug 1344706 - Do not reuse originPrincipal as triggeringPrincipal within utilityOverlay.js and bug 1284395.
  • Fixed: 5fc1157 Restore pinned tabs from last time is not working when the preference is 'Ask Before Restoring' and the user dismissed the dialog or select 'Don't Restore'. Related to bug 936061 - Refactor restoreWindow() into restoreWindow() and restoreWindows().
  • Fixed: 6cc8efe Starting with Firefox 54.0 we need some timeout before we can accesses the box attributes.

  • Fixed: 41aee36 With Tab mix Tab Badge icon is before the tab label instead of after it.
  • Fixed: 39ff0ec Ctrl-Tab navigates tabs in most recently used order not working with Pale Moon 27.x.
  • Fixed: 9b8bab6 Follow up bug 1331686 - Pass correct triggeringPrincipal for tabs openen through ctrl-click and open link in new tab.
  • Fixed: 51e9126 Follow up bug 1349502 - Make tabbrowser.xml use AppConstants from the global scope.
  • Fixed: 816c945 Follow up bug 1342849 - Don't do any notifications for newly added background tabs when restoring session.
  • Fixed: 81730b9 Tab bar click area does not resize correctly after windows size-mode changed visible rows number. Add call to TabsInTitlebar._update to recalculate titlebar and titlebarContent height (related to bug 1219215, changeset 5e45a19).
  • Fixed: 6b56086 Reset treeStyleTab data before restoring session that will overwrite current window.

  • Fixed: c08e742 Unable to evaluate object-shorthand functions in Firefox 54.
  • Fixed: 5ebd2a6 Follow up bug 1190687 - [webext] webNavigation.onCreatedNavigationTarget on new windows/tabs from context menu and user clicks on links.
  • Fixed: b93d127 Follow up bug 1338585 - Add an eslint rule to require using .ownerGlobal instead of .ownerDocument.defaultView.
  • Fixed: 4a7a3c2 Follow up bug 1334831 - add an eslint rule to report usage of .parentNode.removeChild when .remove() could be used instead.
  • Fixed: b57149e Prevent pending tab width change while restoring when 'Tab width fits to tab title' enables.
  • Fixed: ec63332 Follow up bug 1334156 - Replace ownerDocument.defaultView with ownerGlobal.
  • Fixed: d9ac9c8 Follow up bug 1334199 - Omit getComputedStyle's second argument when it's falsy.
  • Fixed: 10cb636 Follow up bug 1307736 - Store triggeringPrincipal with all history entries.
  • Fixed: 92e45db Follow up bug 1331686 - Pass correct triggeringPrincipal for tabs openen through ctrl-click and open link in new tab.
  • Fixed: e588e79 Follow up bug 1187014 - Use "you" in preference strings, not "me".
  • Fixed: 2f404a6 Foolow up bug 1331081 - make the no-useless-parameters eslint rule report useless addEventListener false third parameter.
  • Fixed: e208d64 Follow up bug 1324895 - Add 'Open All in Tabs' to client context menu in Synced Tabs.
  • Fixed: 6410398 Follow up bug 1330464 - make the no-useless-parameters eslint rule detect misuses of the Services.prefs APIs.
  • Fixed: eef796d Follow up bug 1330147 - removeObserver calls should not supply a third parameter.
  • Fixed: f15f4a9 Prevent cases of Cu.import importing into variables and global scope at the same time.
  • Fixed: 8c88085 Set Pale Moon minVersion to 27.0.
  • Fixed: 2338139 Session manager don't save\restore tree. Update compatibility with treeStyleTab version 0.18.2016090601+.

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