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  • Fixed: 0098d64 Add option "Move tab from 'Switch to tab' next to current one".
  • Fixed: fe2bf91 Changeset 317405bfb6ca breaks treeStyleTab open bookmarks as new tree.
  • Fixed: b49e6ef Set icon on pending tabs.
  • Fixed: dbd6292 Follow up bug 1309596 - Update drag feedback.
  • Fixed: bfcc1d4 Follow up changeset 54c897a, bug 1322408 was applied on Firefox 51.0b10.

  • Fixed: 317405b Add new option to open unloaded tabs from bookmarks and history.
  • Fixed: 8bd73e0 Shortcut for 'Merges windows together' changed to Ctrl+Shift+U.
  • Fixed: a8e4410 When 'Multiple Tab Handler' installed, handle animate tab move on single row, only when one tab is moving.
  • Fixed: 54c897a Follow up bug 1322408 - Use `gBrowser.loadTabs` to open all tabs when middle-clicking a client in Synced Tabs.

  • Fixed: 4212b77 Closed tabs menu stay open when last item in the list removed by middle-click.
  • Fixed: 54ac7ce Keep closed tabs menu width when it stay open.
  • Fixed: 36bae08 Style update after bug 658467 (changeset 05147b8).
  • Fixed: a1411e0 Fix tab overlapping issue with build, Move tabbrowser-tab content for Firefox before 53 to separate file.

  • Fixed: c55bd86 Don't set 'unloaded' style to blank pinned tabs.
  • Fixed: 05147b8 Follow up bug 658467 - Fade out tab label on overflow instead of ellipsis.
  • Fixed: aafc73c Add options to open Synced tabs, from sidebar, in current tab or in new foreground or background tab.
  • Fixed: 0209a1d Delay _animateTabMove modification until after browser-delayed-startup-finished when 'Multiple Tab Handler' installed.
  • Fixed: 5f7a77e Shortcut for 'Merges windows together' changed to Ctrl+Shift+E, Ctrl+Shift+M overrides 'Responsive Design Mode' shortcut.
  • Fixed: cd12be2 With build 161204a the tab multi-row feature displaying 2 rows regardless of the setting, changeset 45b5814.
  • Fixed: 78a35a8 Add option to toggle 'Keep Undo close tab menu open' to Tab Mix Plus options window, changeset 6631a02 added the option only to the closed tabs menu.
  • Fixed: 25f5ebe Make sure that corrupted session.rdf don't stops the closing process, GetResource throw when its argument is null or undefined.

  • Fixed: 4983351 The preferences 'Middle-click or Control-click inverse focus of: Links' does not work.
  • Fixed: 6631a02 Add option to toggle 'Keep Undo close tab menu open', changeset f4f77cf.
  • Fixed: d71b0b7 Bookmarklet stop working in Firefox 50.
  • Fixed: d3e7575 Follow up bug 1316505 - Tabbar scrolls too fast with wheel supporting high resolution scroll on Windows.
  • Fixed: 45b5814 Miscellaneous updates for Pale Moon 27.
  • Fixed: d541197 Can't open new tab in the background from the address bar since Firefox 50.
  • Fixed: 6e0bdba Follow up bug 1316870 - Enable no-shadow eslint rule for browser, update compatibility with Multiple Tab Handler.
  • Fixed: 21998a2 Follow up bug 1315948 - Simplify openLinkIn in utilityOverlay.js.
  • Fixed: 19124c4 Incompatibility problem with Stay-Open Menu, Undo closed tab from undo closed button list always open last closed tab. The original fix from changeset cc4c771, regressed again by changeset f4f77cf.
  • Fixed: 360c2e1 Ctrl-Click on item in closed tabs list should not close the current tab.
  • Fixed: 9a2c704 Follow up bug 1312406 - Remove tab groups migration code.
  • Fixed: 8194727 Cannot drag tabs with Tab Mix Plus AND Multiple Tab Handler.
  • Fixed: f92cc9c Bookmark All Tabs Not Working in Firefox 48.x versions, after 48.0 and before 49.0 (changeset 28a5628).

  • Fixed: 077213a Follow up bug 1245124 - should open a new tab in the same container.
  • Fixed: e3f4528 Dragging tabs no longer works when there is only one row of tabs. Follow up bug 1313998 - Turn on no-unused-vars for local variable scopes in browser/base/content.
  • Fixed: d958744 Don't change selected tab by wheel event over the tab-bar if the device that generated the event wasn't a mouse wheel.
  • Fixed: 58cbfc3 Don't open new tab from links on remote content when role attribute is 'button' or 'menu'.
  • Fixed: 7a0e6d3 Follow up bug 1000458 (openLinkIn changed).
  • Fixed: 1d524dd Follow up bug 92737 - Part 4 - Open multiple tabs when multiple items are dropped on tab.
  • Fixed: 7f62e37 Follow up bug 92737 - Part 2 and 3 - Open multiple tabs when multiple items are dropped on content area.
  • Fixed: 29d5b72 Replace remaining usages of bind(this) with arrow function.
  • Fixed: bbfb0c8 Update ContentClickInternal.isGreasemonkeyInstalled function, util.js moved to greasemonkey-modules/content/util.js.
  • Fixed: 2eaa7d7 Follow up bug 1312901 - Use nsIArray for URL window argument.
  • Fixed: 9de1706 Keep sessions menu open when user apply one of these command from sessions context menu.
  • Fixed: f4f77cf Keep Undo close tab menu open, close it when user click outside the menu.
  • Fixed: d523e82 Follow up bug 1311439 - Skip _notifyBackgroundTab for hidden tabs.
  • Fixed: 68f7628 Update compatibility with treeStyleTab version 0.18.2016090802.
  • Fixed: 3b6c52e Update compatibility with treeStyleTab - Open new next sibling tab correctly, even if there is no next sibling.
  • Fixed: 20b31a5 Refactor ChangeCode.isValidToChange function to show error message in the console with the proper file name and line number.
  • Fixed: b10576c Follow up bug 1284395.

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