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  • Fixed: c562e42 Open tabs from address bar doesn't work on Firefox 50 with Tab mix version Bug 1180944 was landed on Firefox 50. (Changeset a07e273 ).
  • Fixed: 4f47a19 Follow up bug 1302737 - When closing tabs with non-mouse devices (e.g. touch, pen), don't enter locked-tab-size mode.

  • Fixed: a4683b8 Save and restore container data (userContextId) with our Session Manager. Follow up bug 1274461 - Part 2: restore tabs should preserve userContextId.
  • Fixed: 6f79766 Restoring closed tab does not restore its container type. Follow up bug 1274461 - Part 1: undoCloseTab should preserve userContextId.
  • Fixed: 8766413 Follow up bug 1109146 - pass isContentWindowPrivate from ContentClick.jsm to utilityOverlay.js for saveURL instead of passing a CPOW initiating content document.
  • Fixed: 11ec3b9 Follow up changeset 8a8460f, bug 1093642 - Part 2: Decide if we allow mixed content before sending click event to remote tab.
  • Fixed: a07e273 Open tabs from address bar doesn't work. Follow up bug 1180944 - Implement one-off searches from Awesomebar.
  • Fixed: 1fed155 Follow up bug 528005 - Let accel-click and middle-click on the new tab button toggle openTabNext preference [Firefox 51].
  • Fixed: 4bf4070 Follow up bug 1245751 - Part 12: Retrieve href from both None & XLink namespace in Browser & Android.
  • Fixed: 8762aab Follow up bug 1297157 - Abstract away the visuallyselected attribute on anonymous tab nodes.
  • Fixed: 730f34f Follow up bug 1288247 - Synced Tabs sidebar should open new tabs on middle click.
  • Fixed: c67c87e Open extension home page from addon manager in the background when browser.tabs.loadInBackground is true.
  • Fixed: e2f856f Follow up bug 1116787 - Expose preference for having Ctrl+Tab cycle through tabs in recently used order. Instert Tab mix button after "Tabs" label.
  • Fixed: 873fb9f First tab is busy when browser window starts on Firefox 51.
  • Fixed: 74aba1f Follow up bug 1276183 - Fix pixel-unit mismatch when constraining a dropped tab to the screen.
  • Fixed: da6623f Open links to other sites in new tabs broken in
  • Fixed: 9f50518 Session Manager doesn't save closed tabs, regressed by changeset 19a385a.
  • Fixed: bc562f5 Links from and other pages doesn't open in new tab.

  • Fixed: 9a618b8 Merging popup window on multi process browser throw 'Error: cross-process JS call failed'.
  • Fixed: 9d2ca35 Update "Merge windows" swapTabs according to bug 1244496, bug 1271792 and bug 1094328. Webextension tab listeners don't detect tab moved by "Merge windows".
  • Fixed: 1291f7e Refactor duplicateTabToWindow (follow up bug 1181475) to avoid duplicate tab id in WebExtension when the duplicated tab is dragging back to the original window.
  • Fixed: 0449b91 Get new tab url form BROWSER_NEW_TAB_URL after Firefox 41, fix incompatibility with Activity Stream extension.
  • Fixed: 1eab1f0 In Single window mode we should not close windows that was probably opened by extension.
  • Fixed: ceff654 Follow up bug 1208078, improve drag feedback appearance in e10s.
  • Fixed: 2863a53 Add comment about disabled 'Place on left side' close button, see changeset d667fe4.
  • Fixed: 70be683 Show console warning when Tab mix failed to change getter or setter.
  • Fixed: 28a5628 Follow up bug 446171 - Part 1: Get page titles from tab and not depend on history, we don't need to call getTabTitle now that Firefox get the title directly from the tab.
  • Fixed: 6b60455 Follow up bug 1271516 - Introducing nsIWebNavigation.setOriginAttributesBeforeLoading.
  • Fixed: d029783 Tab context menu "Open Links in New Tabs" does not work for about: pages and for chrome:// pages from extensions (NewsFox extension for example).
  • Fixed: 42a3981 Follow up bug 1271792 - Set correct usercontextid before swapping tabs.
  • Fixed: 972b0b2 Incompatibility with MClickFocusTab extension.

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