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  • Fixed: 81d4f08 Don't disable inverse focus preferences when 'Middle-click or Control-click opens items in current tab' is on. The inverse preferences controls not only links.
  • Fixed: d667fe4 Disable 'Place on left side' when treeStyleTab installed, 1. treeStyleTab have similar preference. 2. TreeStyleTabBrowser.prototype.initTabContentsOrderInternal throw when last window reopen.
  • Fixed: 56d0db2 Don't open new tab from facebook chat and settings.
  • Fixed: 0be9caa Dragging links between two tabs is not working. Regrresed by changeset c3edbc0.
  • Fixed: c02d0d6 Using strict equality (===) break 'open tab next' when relatedToCurrent is undefined and referrerURI exist, make sure relatedToCurrent is not undefined.
  • Fixed: 98cbca8 Update compatibility with treeStyleTab - update changeset d5cd8b3 - prepare the tree to open the new tab as next sibling for all calls to gBrowser.addTab, not just from openUILinkIn or from external app.
  • Fixed: 86dd60e Check for the existence of gBrowser.tabContainer._verticalTabs to identify if vertical-tabs-reloaded installed before VerticalTabsReloaded exist.
  • Fixed: 9adf2d7 Left-over debug code, from changeset e9d8196, break some functions when X-notifier installed.

  • Fixed: c2cf885 Update install.rdf to format that addons-linter can identify.
  • Fixed: 2c402b3 Follow up bug 1143038 - Use AppConstants in tabbrowser.xml.
  • Fixed: cba73a0 Moving a tab to a different window leaves other tabs shifted in the source window - add missed call to _finishAnimateTabMove from bug 786593.
  • Fixed: 107ab7c Handle content click event for all browsers when window.gMultiProcessBrowser is true, the previous code was skip about: tabs.
  • Fixed: aa17fb8 Use text-link handler for links from our about dialog. Remove obsolete Tabmix.openURL function that used to open links from old Extension/Theme Managers.
  • Fixed: 73d027d Update compatibility with Sage 1.5.4.
  • Fixed: 0927e6c Follow up bug 1251987 - The list of tabs is scrolled by very small number of tabs when I rotate mouse wheel (with setting "scroll by 1 page").
  • Fixed: 813495b Replace eval of gBrowser._blurTab with wrapped function.
  • Fixed: 0191b31 Replace eval of gBrowser.removeTab with wrapped function.
  • Fixed: 568d933 Replace eval of gBrowser.addTab with wrapped function.
  • Fixed: 7bb5198 Update compatibility with tabkit-2nd-edition.
  • Fixed: 0412599 Vertical-tabs-reloaded extensions version 0.6.0 renamed its object from VerticalTabs to VerticalTabsReloaded.
  • Fixed: 10b6c8b Disable the hidden firefox button in Tab mix options > Session, to prevent it from being selected by tabbox.xml code.
  • Fixed: f4072d2 Links from open in the same tab.
  • Fixed: 1978f1a Fix changeset af1baf9, Add 'Report a Bug' button in tab-mix-plus page at for all languages.
  • Fixed: d79123a Refactor log.obj to prevents TypeError: can't convert undefined\null to object and for the case the function was called with non-object argument.
  • Fixed: 6825c74 Update compatibility with treeStyleTab - follow up changeset d5cd8b3 and changeset 3389b94, when our preference is to open the tab next and the current tab in pinned (app tab), open the new tab before the first non-pinned tab.
  • Fixed: df53667 ReferenceError: XPCOMUtils is not defined in MergeWindows.jsm, regressed by changeset 5deb30e.

  • Fixed: 8a8460f Bug 1093642 - Part 2: Decide if we allow mixed content before sending click event to remote tab.
  • Fixed: a34f96f Function isElementVisible can return wrong value when rect values are not integer.
  • Fixed: 80a825b Follow up bug 1263975 - XUL scrollbox (e.g. the tab bar) should respond to pixel scrolls by pixel scrolling.
  • Fixed: 448f585 Don't inherits tab scroll by 'Open Link in Duplicated Tab' command.
  • Fixed: 35d6320 Refactore openUILinkIn to divert all the calls from places UI to use our preferences, update the function to address the changes in FeedHandler.loadFeed, since Firefox 42+ clicking 'Subscribe to This Page' always show 'Subscribe to this feed' page.
  • Fixed: 3d956f0 Update incompatibility with Vertical Tabs Reloaded, reset initialization flag for in the tabbarowser constructor.
  • Fixed: 9306aa5 Update the check for SearchLoad Options extension and Searchload Options Revived (Pale Moon).
  • Fixed: 67c2c2a Update SingleWindowModeUtils.onload after bug 1186521.
  • Fixed: af1baf9 Add 'Report a Bug' button to tab-mix-plus page at
  • Fixed: d5cd8b3 Update compatibility with treeStyleTab - for all the calls to addTab from openUILinkIn or from external app, prepare the tree to open the new tab as next sibling, when our pref is to open new tabs next and only if treeStyletab did not set it to open as child. (changeset 3389b94).
  • Fixed: dbf5c19 Disable 'pinnedTabScroll' when Tabmix.extensions.verticalTabBar is true, (changeset e8019f4).
  • Fixed: 8d93a03 Add support to Tab Kit 2nd Edition.

  • Fixed: aa6d870 Prevent tabs toolbar buttons from disappearing when there is more than one row of tabs.
  • Fixed: d8fceb3 Follow up bu 1257554 - Remove restore on demand checkbox.
  • Fixed: 3389b94 Update compatibility with treeStyleTab - instruct treeStyleTab to use 'kNEWTAB_OPEN_AS_NEXT_SIBLING' when our preference is to open the tab next.
  • Fixed: 210b3e0 let unknownContentType dialog or nsIFilePicker more time to open.

  • Fixed: b6d25c3 Don't close window when closing blank tab that opened from downloading link.
  • Fixed: 1fca628 Missing label in 'Tab Mix' options on Firefox 45 with TabGroups extension. Check for 'context_tabViewMenu' and 'tabGroups-context_tabViewMenu' existence.
  • Fixed: e564d40 Alt-Tab breaks double-click and click and drag on Tab-bar. Related to changesets 0584f2b, a1df6ea.
  • Fixed: d3f86ef Don't rely on Tabmix.callerName to get the right caller name when the original function wrapped by another extension.
  • Fixed: 97af832 Follow up bu 1253016 - Remove legacy __defineGetter__/__defineSetter__ this behavior.
  • Fixed: df5496c Firefox freeze when user clicks on 'Clear Groups Data', from Tab Groups extensions options tab, when some of the tabs are locked.
  • Fixed: 366140a Show close tabs menu items on pinned tab context menu, when there is at least one non-pinned tab.
  • Fixed: 837ad81 In windows XP, multi-row background is not match the windows style until first resize. The first row has blue background (the color of windows XP title), others tab rows has gray background.
  • Fixed: 3a15139 Add call to updateVerticalTabStrip from onTabClose_updateTabBar when Classic theme restorer installed, underflow not always fires when Classic theme restorer installed.
  • Fixed: 731b2ad Restore windows order and selected window.

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