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  • Fixed: dafaa18 fix a typo in version that disabled Tab Groups Migrator on Firefox 45 and 46.

  • Fixed: a884225 Show background tab group restoration page.
  • Fixed: f28429f Bookmark sessions with more than one group when user starts Firefox 45+ for the first time without Tab Groups extension.
  • Fixed: 7a8a2f0 Add new function to bookmark sessions, with and without groups, fix changeset 7b62fb2.
  • Fixed: 0c30198 Show missing tabview notification on all windows, close all notification when user close it in one window.
  • Fixed: 134e7ad Backup history sessions with more than one group when user starts Firefox 45+ for the first time without Tab Groups extension.
  • Fixed: 90deaeb Notify the user when TabView is missing and the restored session contains groups.
  • Fixed: 357488d Move the changes to openUILinkIn into the beginning of openLinkIn, Allow to load url to the current tab when caller is ReaderParent.toggleReaderMode.
  • Fixed: 4d4608a Add new function TabmixSvc.getDialogStrings to get strings. bug 1219794 removed editBookmark.cancel.label entity from browser.dtd.
  • Fixed: 1b329fa Drag-n-drop url from location bar to a locked tab loading url in that tab.

  • Fixed: 4cb555e Update compatibility with TreeStyleTab extension version 0.16.2016021602.
  • Fixed: a28e3ab Follow up bug 1246907 - Open link in a Container Tab - in the context menu. open link in background doesn't working.
  • Fixed: f6cbd87 Follow uo bug 1247920 - Remove tabs visibleLabel property and TabLabelModified event. Latest Nightly breaks tabs label
  • Fixed: 71660ed With tabs set to bottom of browser, top of browser acts like title bar when double clicked (Bug 1248225).
  • Fixed: 7047b3b Ctrl-Tab - tabs list responds to the mouse - not working on Mac.
  • Fixed: 9877302 Remove shadow from TabsToolbar when it is on the bottom.
  • Fixed: 01545ab Unnecessary call to TMP_Places.getTabTitle when PlacesCommandHook.uniqueCurrentPages called from PlacesCommandHook.updateBookmarkAllTabsCommand, updateBookmarkAllTabsCommand only check uniqueCurrentPages.length.
  • Fixed: a1df6ea Disallow mouse down on TabsToolbar to start dragging the window when one of the key modifiers is down.

  • Fixed: 03acf56 Start using the new Tab mix domain '' instead of ''.
  • Fixed: dc76bac Session manager is broken in Nightly build after 2016-01-21.
  • Fixed: 44ae8a0 Don't make first restored tab visible when we restored the session into hidden group.
  • Fixed: 35e2ac3 Update changeset d181198, TabGroup extension add the changes we do in TMP_TabView._patchTabviewFrame to its code in version 1.0.2b1.
  • Fixed: d010cea Preference window overlay does not start when nglayout.debug.disable_xul_fastload and nglayout.debug.disable_xul_cache are true. Add onload attribute to the prefwindowto workaround this issue.
  • Fixed: 86fcfda Update TMP_tabDNDObserver.onDragStart, follow up bugs: 863512, 1194311, 1214428.
  • Fixed: dfd235b Update the code that change gBrowser.tabContainer._animateTabMove, fix incompatibility with Multiple Tab Handler extension.
  • Fixed: a634138 Replace eval of gBrowserInit._delayedStartup with wrapped function, fix incompatibility with Multiple Tab Handler extension.
  • Fixed: 1e67ee1 Clean up the code that set SessionStroe last session state.
  • Fixed: 4cca1c5 Initialize our session manager after SessionStore.promiseInitialized resolved.
  • Fixed: e6aeb4c Clean our modification to gBrowserInit._delayedStartup - move the block deal with swap tab to gBrowser.swapBrowsersAndCloseOther.
  • Fixed: 2fa8641 Remove obsolete code from Tabmix.beforeBrowserInitOnLoad (Code for Firefox/PlaeMoone versions before 25).

  • Fixed: d181198 Incompatibility with new TabGroup extension that replaced Firefox build-in panorama.
  • Fixed: 804be82 Our session manager causing SessionStore to send 'SSWindowStateReady' event after each restored tab, regressed after bug 1067648 - Introduce restoreTab() and use it from restoreTabs().
  • Fixed: 28860e7 Incompatibility with Tab Deque extension, other tabs can't be selected and will quickly revert to the current one.
  • Fixed: 39c8a28 Always check if the link is an xpi link, don't open new tab for left click on xpi links.
  • Fixed: cc4c771 Incompatibility problem with Stay-Open Menu, Undo closed tab from undo closed button list always open last closed tab. when the menu is closed before we do our restoreCommand aEvent.originalTarget.value is null.

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