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  • Fixed: f85921a When 'browser.newtab.url' or 'extensions.tabmix.replaceLastTabWith.newtab.url' value is empty string show 'about:blank' in the corresponding text box in the option windows.
  • Fixed: d2c6dc9 Can't customize tab bar at the bottom.
  • Fixed: f28b478 Incompatibility with Pale Moon Tab Groups extnesion, TabView.prepareUndoCloseTab and TabView.afterUndoCloseTab are not exist.
  • Fixed: df1a2b9 Pending tab shrink for a moment when restoring starts, SessionStore change the title to 'Connectingן... Don't remove tab width when widthFitTitle is true and the tab is restoring.

  • Fixed: e1e7cd1 Style issues with PaleMoon on Mac OS: tab background colors not working, drop indicator is not in place when tabs are in multi-row, and close button on background tabs is invisible.
  • Fixed: d507b17 Follow up bug 1217586 - fix modifier click / enter on SVG links by passing node principal.
  • Fixed: 78129ed Incompatibility with Google Redirects Fixer & Tracking Remover, when google tab is locked link open two tabs - one blank tab and the other with the linked page.
  • Fixed: 0fd8474 Follow up changeset 8f7534d, duplicated tab not opened next to original when openDuplicateNext is true if openTabNext is false.

  • Fixed: ece6087 When a browser window has pinned tabs open, dragging a tab from another window to the right of the last pinned tab pins it automatically. changeset 776d43f.
  • Fixed: 7121d53 Incompatibility with TreeStyleTab extension, TreeStyleTab 0.16.2015111001 wrap openURI in nsBrowserAccess.prototype.__treestyletab__openURI.
  • Fixed: 8f7534d Replace eval of window.duplicateTabIn with wrapped function to prevent incompatibility with TreeStyleTab extension.
  • Fixed: 3c2932a Replace eval of FullScreen.showNavToolbox (former FullScreen_mouseoverToggle) with wrapped function to prevent incompatibility with TreeStyleTab extension.
  • Fixed: e4776f5 Calling window.duplicateTabIn, to duplicate tab to window, break Tabmix.delayedStartup.
  • Fixed: 643e502 Update the area that uses to hide the tabbar on full screen when Tabmix changes the tabbar height or when the tabbar is below content.
  • Fixed: 811fe6f When maximizing window with multi-row and scroll buttons, updateVerticalTabStrip need some time before it can calculate correctly the number of rows.
  • Fixed: a9e675a Clicking on search arrow button (search-go-button) does nothing in Firefox 43 (TypeError: textBox._prefBranch is undefined), Follow up bug 1203524 - search.xml should use Services.jsm
  • Fixed: d856048 Options window: Add help button near button that open sub dialog, show icon in sub dialog help button.
  • Fixed: 4503b0f Options window: Update links to our help page to open in
  • Fixed: 13ad45c Workaround for bug 1157404 - [e10s] Possible to end up with two visuallyselected="true" tabs at the same time.
  • Fixed: 6bd7511 Selecting a tab before moving it to a different position can unnecessarily scroll the tabbar (selecting a tab trigger ensureElementIsVisible).
  • Fixed: 00897b9 Use media queries instead of attribute to apply different css rule, fix background color for tabs below content in Windows.
  • Fixed: 12fc79a Don't change default behavior for link with spaces, uses special link format internally.
  • Fixed: 5d030e8 Add content script to use bookmark name as tab title in about:newtab.
  • Fixed: 7d9513f ContentClick.jsm is not included in some Firefox forks (Cyberfox before version 42).

  • Fixed: 30b239a [e10s] Add content script to handle drop event, open new tab when url dropped on locked tab content.
  • Fixed: bc9c583 Follow up bug 1207594 - Drop a link on tab bar doesn't work (link from external application).
  • Fixed: ee42094 New preference in Options > Display > Tab > Styles - 'Apply background color for squared tabs', Allow users to set custom background colors when Tree Style Tab extension installed.
  • Fixed: 3c6e776 New preference in Options > Display > Tab > Styles - 'Disable custom background colors'.
  • Fixed: 0df7a83 Change Options > Display > Tab - Highlight to Styles.
  • Fixed: 9d8bc83 Incompatibility with Tree Style Tab extension, Tab mix loses the ability to color tab texts (regressed by changeset 19e6cdd).
  • Fixed: 8034570 New options in Options > Links > Open links with target to existing frame in the current tab, default true.
  • Fixed: 19ceb98 When the tabs are vertical (Tree Style Tab, Vertical Tabs) and the "New tab button" setting is on "After last tab" two new tab buttons are displayed, one after the last tab and one at the bottom.
  • Fixed: 1032fe7 Dragging tabs between windows broken in, it only open blank tab on the target window. TypeError: gBrowser.updateBrowserRemotenessByURL is not a function (Palemoon 25-26, Firefox before 33), changeset 849c5f9.
  • Fixed: ab4683e Incompatibility with BackTrack Tab History extension, Apply our changeCode function earlier on functions that are modified by BackTrack Tab History.
  • Fixed: 95b5f7b Replace eval of ContentClick.contentAreaClick with wrapped function to prevent incompatibility with BackTrack Tab History extension. Change whereToOpenLink function to return fixed 'where' when called from ContentClick.contentAreaClick.
  • Fixed: f894050 Tabbar background color in multi-row doesn't match the background color in single-row on Mac OS X.
  • Fixed: 41f9556 Can't disable conflicted extensions, typo in changeset 0fa626a.
  • Fixed: 13a74aa Hide the option to 'Mute Tab/Unmute Tab' in all Firefox version before Firefox 43.

  • Fixed: 53d7ea1 Incompatibility with RequestPolicy Continued extension, "Open other tabs next to current one" doesn't work.
  • Fixed: f8a3ff5 Selected tab doesn't show custom background color in the middle.
  • Fixed: d6dfedd Follow up bug 1165973 - use outline instead of border for focus ring, remove border from text link button.
  • Fixed: 2cf1f0a Fix compatibility with Cyberfox 41, NewTabURL.jsm not exist.
  • Fixed: 49793f1 Add new preference to show/hide the new Mute Tab/Unmute Tab menu item in tab context menu.
  • Fixed: 789e44c Don't style visited tab as unloaded.
  • Fixed: 5620260 Add shortcut to 'Clear Closed Tabs List'.

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