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  • Added: e8019f4 New option 'Allow pinned tabs to scroll' in multi-rows.
  • Added: faf873d New tooltip on multi-rows scroll button to show rows count and selected tab position.
  • Fixed: 6851ccd follow up bug 1193830 - _overPlayingIcon is not reset if there is no mouseenter/mouseleave event.
  • Fixed: f7b7a79 Clicking on the icon to mute then unmute (or unmute then mute) without moving the mouse off the icon can trigger double click event on the tab, and close it (Changeset c0f3653f204e).
  • Fixed: 766a9da Leaving YouTube full screen (DOMFullscreen) removes\hides the tab bar, when the tab bar in multi-row mode calling setHeight too soon set the height to zero.
  • Fixed: f7c2bd2 Follow up bug 1160023 Implement new fullscreen popup design from bug 1129061, break Tabmix when tabbar on the bottom.
  • Changed: 3fd34d8 Drop support for Firefox versions before 31.

  • Fixed: f515b84 Workaround for bug in treeStyleTab, with version 0.15.2015061300a003855 gBrowser.treeStyleTab.initTabContentsOrder throw on Firefox 41+.
  • Fixed: be189ac An empty bar is shown at the bottom when in fullscreen video (DOMFullscreen) and the tabs are on bottom.
  • Fixed: 88f9b1a Leftover from changeset 5428fdc, follow up bug 947854 - Exiting DOM fullscreen also exits window fullscreen mode.
  • Fixed: e4f9daa Follow up bug 1071821 - fullscr-toggler element needs to be hidden in DOM fullscreen.
  • Fixed: c998b9a Wrap original PlacesCommandHook.bookmarkPage function with a function that change browser._contentTitle to a user defined tile when exist.
  • Fixed: 9efdc5b Follow up bug 1181475 - Refactor duplicateTabIn to avoid a race between swapping frameloaders and SessionStore.
  • Fixed: 9bd6286 Use OS.File to import/export our preferences file asynchronicity, update changeset 908c146 to support Pale Moon. Pale Moon 25.6.0 doesn't support generator functions and some OS.file arguments are different.
  • Fixed: 9fe7a57 Force Sessionstore to save our persisted tab attributes. Fixed 'Reload Tab Every' data is lost after a crash.
  • Fixed: 5610483 Clicking on the tab-sound-icon on pinned tab select tab when the option "Mouse click (down and release) to select a tab" is on (Changeset c0f3653f204e).

  • Fixed: c0f3653 Tabmix is broken by the changes from bug 486262 - Provide visual indicator as to which tab is causing sound, remove all use of tabbrowser.dtd and add the new Tab audio indicators to tabs.
  • Fixed: 776d43f When dropping a tab from another window into pinned tabs area make the tab pinned.
  • Fixed: 849c5f9 Follow up bug 1094328 - [e10s] Detaching XUL tabs leaves a ghost tab in the old window, and opens a blank tab in the new window.
  • Fixed: 3fbeb0b Closed tabs list messed up after bug 1109875 - [e10s] Stop using synchronous TabState.flush operations for onTabClose.
  • Fixed: 908c146 Use OS.File to import/export our preferences file asynchronicity.
  • Fixed: 33eec31 When preference value is not initialize use valueFromPreferences to get the value directly.
  • Fixed: 4ff8927 New module AsyncUtils.jsm to help the use of callbacks as promises.
  • Fixed: 62a73e8 Replace in our log.jsm module logStringMessage with logMessage and add reportError to log error message to the console with the error file and line number.
  • Fixed: 45a7332 Increase the timeout before calling convertFile, calling it too soon after our prompt dialog closed causing Session Manager Extension convertFile to fail.
  • Fixed: fd2318e Workaround for bug 1157404 - [e10s] Possible to end up with two visuallyselected="true" tabs at the same time.
  • Fixed: 79e77d7 Implement Firefox's overflow/underflow handler code from our overflow setter, with some them or extensions (Classic Theme Restorer) overflow event isn't fired properly on multi-row.
  • Fixed: 38c1d9a Replace "extensions.tabmix.loadFolderAndReplace" with "extensions.tabmix.loadBookmarksAndReplac", update the sring in the options window to "Groups of bookmarks/history".
  • Fixed: 80ffbe3 Open tab from History doesn't follow Tabmix options.
  • Fixed: 27820b5 Disabled 'undo closed tabs button' when 'browser.sessionstore.max_tabs_undo' changed to zero.
  • Fixed: 907c197 Dragging bookmark or livemark from the Bookmarks toolbar always have 'copy' dropEffect.
  • Fixed: 74057ca Follow up bug 1129957 - [e10s] RemoteWebNavigation doesn't accept postdata or headers.
  • Fixed: caa1244 Use 'remote' attribute from browser instead of tab, Follow up bug 1095475 - [e10s] Replace tab underlines with tooltip.
  • Fixed: 552d048 Wrong value calculated for '-moz-margin-start' and '-moz-margin-end' on Firefox 39 when selected tab is not visualyselected, regressed by bug 1066531.
  • Fixed: 2d7c6fb Properly handle Ctrl/Command + W in shortcuts edit box, the default behavior is to close the preferences window.
  • Fixed: 36f9924 Follow up bug 1166757 - Remove browser.__SS_data.
  • Fixed: fcb9f95 Don't open new tab from Facebook chat settings.

  • Fixed: 744279f Pressing Shift while 'Ctrl+Tab tabs list popup' is visible hides the popup.
  • Fixed: c40be22 Follow up bug 1118285 - The browser.newtab.url preference is abused and should be removed.
  • Fixed: ea63f20 Use gBrowser._switcher.updateDisplay to update display with our attributes instead of 'TabSwitchDone' event.
  • Fixed: 5d69118 Simplifies background color rules by joining tabmix_australis and tabmix_#Style~="bg" selectors into tabmix_#Style~="aus".
  • Fixed: f3a960e Follow up bug 1066531, move all style rules with selected/visuallyselected attribute to separate files under app_version/before39.0 and app_version/39.0 folder.
  • Fixed: 560436c Flags argument of String.prototype.{search,match,replace} is deprecated.
  • Fixed: a69d52d Restore to New Window(s) from private window opens new private window without restoring any tab.
  • Fixed: 4bfb5fb Don't remove all backup when new private window is open, Don't remove existin crashed data when user disabled backup, add missing crashed session data when new session opened with single private window.
  • Fixed: 1c51d70 Reuse blank tab when closing new window in single window mode, update referrerPolicy code after bug 1113431.
  • Fixed: fd81aab SingleWindowModeUtils fail to close new window, gPluginHandler.pluginCrashed was changed to gPluginHandler.NPAPIPluginCrashed by bug 1110887 (Firefox 40).
  • Fixed: 04d0a16 Fix incompatibility with Treestyletab extension, Open Link in Foreground/Background Tab Broken in, regressed by changeset 049df31.
  • Fixed: 11dbdab Update compatibility with Treestyletab extension.
  • Fixed: d315f4f Calling SessionStore.getTabState before Firefox 28 with pending 'about:config' tab throw 'TypeError: browser.contentDocument.getElementById(..) is null' in SessionStore._updateTextAndScrollDataForTab or TextAndScrollData.jsm.
  • Fixed: ecd6c11 Left over from changeset 85e2ad4.
  • Fixed: 5428fdc Follow up bug 947854 - Exiting DOM fullscreen also exits window fullscreen mode,.
  • Fixed: dd7d017 TypeError - this.clog is not a function, changeset 763e406.
  • Fixed: 4f36689 Update changesets 94b9a6a863d3, 1a3a96a04011, disable PlacesCommandHook.bookmarkPage from Firefox 40.
  • Fixed: 3d46211 Remove font size from 'Hide the tab bar' label (in-content).
  • Fixed: d6fec0b Missing quotation mark aroud TabmixSvc.aboutBlank. (changeset 8abf33f).
  • Fixed: 7278988 Fix typo in changeset 8abf33f.

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