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  • Fixed: 77403ab Can't close Firefox and can't close additional window. State.scroll.scroll can be undefined, calling setLiteral with undefined value break Tabmix.
  • Fixed: 554a2df Follow up bug 1066531 - [e10s] Switching tabs can result in old content being displayed for a split second after the tab bar is updated.
  • Fixed: aa0fb20 Follow up bug 1143038 - Use AppConstants in tabbrowser.xml.
  • Fixed: 94b9a6a Follow up bug 1067042 - [e10s] Bookmarking an e10s tab results in a blank name.
  • Fixed: 74386e4 Don't collect our session manager data when the manager disabled.
  • Fixed: 932fbc8 TabmixSessionManager.onWindowClose notifyObservers "browser-window-change-state" before the window actualy closed by sessionStore. Regressed by changeset 523c7da.
  • Fixed: 01559b1 Fix referenceError: reference to undefined property browser.tabmix_allowLoad.
  • Fixed: 763e406 Object.prototype.__noSuchMethod__ is obsolete since Firefox 39 - part 2.
  • Fixed: 85e2ad4 Object.prototype.__noSuchMethod__ is obsolete since Firefox 39 - part 1.
  • Fixed: 617ea32 Remove obsolete function.
  • Fixed: ebeda5e Follow up bug 1113431 - Propagate referrer policy throughout the ui.

  • Fixed: 91a058c Browser.contentWindow is undefined in Firefox 31.5 ESR.
  • Fixed: 6713798 Invisible tab bar using Firefox 36 on Linux. Call updateTabbarBottomPosition from our scrollbox.xml\toolbar binding to avoid timing issues in Linux Ubuntu.
  • Fixed: 74b360e With Walnut theme we get wrong height from Tabmix.getButtonsHeight on Firefox 36.
  • Fixed: 07a7dc5 CustomizableUI.getWidgetIdsInArea throw if called too early. Using Walnut theme on Linux Ubuntu throw onWindowOpen.
  • Fixed: 9879d9f ContentClick.jsm exist in Firefox only from version 38.
  • Fixed: c662c4f Middle-click to open in current tab not working from, regressed by changeset 1059be3.
  • Fixed: 890fcf6 New tab (about:newtab) is closing for mistakenly consider to be a blank tab open for downloading. Regressed by changeset 0457eae.

  • Fixed: 5404ef7 When loading tab from bookmark and "titlefrombookmark" preference is on set its label early.
  • Fixed: cf1901f Update maxVersion to 39.0a1.
  • Fixed: 1da146b Follow up bug 1031264 - <a rel="noreferrer"> does not work if open in new tab and bug 1133201 - part 2 - don't send referrer information when opening new windows via context menu.
  • Fixed: e4520c9 Timestamps hyperlinks in Youtube open in new tab when "force to open in new tab" links to other sites (or all sites) is on.
  • Fixed: 7829177 Use Tabmix drag & drop functions when dragging tabs between windows to allow positioning of the drag indicator in case the tabbar is not in the default location.
  • Fixed: [e10s] Stop using unsafe CPOW's.
  • Fixed: 57d7dbd RecentWindow.jsm is no longer exist in resource://app/, this bug prevents a new private window from opening.
  • Fixed: 5e5aaee Calling setItem with value of undefined should remove the attribute if exist (regressed by changeset af7e71e).
  • Fixed: 133f3f8 Typo in changeset 683ebd1 Prevents tabs from resizing properly after tab closed by clicking on it's close button.

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