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  • Fixed: a881b08 Follow up bug 1047603 - Fix passing xul:tab in the initialization of a new e10s window.
  • Fixed: eb2a784 Blank tabs opened from download remain hidden and not deleted. Typo in changeset 0230ba0 Hinting chrome/content/* folders.
  • Fixed: c99f4cc Update locals from
  • Fixed: 6e86213 Follow up bug 1112304, update tabbrowser-tab binding.
  • Fixed: 9fde38d When 'Ctrl-Tab navigates tabs in the most recently used order' is off we may call gBrowser.mTabBox.handleEvent from keydown.
  • Fixed: a20b2a2 Add lasttabTabList events to the xul menupoup.
  • Fixed: 5574ab5 Update for changeset 6a46101 for the case getBoundingClientRect bottom return fraction value.
  • Fixed: e909097 Update TMP_tabDNDObserver.onDragStart follow up bugs: 674373, 698371, 783282, 786406, 790168, 1059032.

  • Fixed: When dragging a tab move it directly options is disabled when multi-row mode is on.
  • Fixed: Calling gBrowser.tabContextMenu too soon broke s3menuwizard from initialize tab context menu.
  • Fixed: Close button is not on the left side when Classic theme restorer extension installed. Classic theme restorer control close tab button only when the default theme is in use.
  • Fixed: Address bur not always focused after replacing last tab.
  • Fixed: Pinned tabs overlapping other tabs after scrolling multi-row. [With build].
  • Fixed: Allow to open new window if user are not in single window mode or there are no opened windows or there are no other windows with the same privacy type.
  • Fixed: Some local strings are missing.
  • Fixed: Change tab-close-button image on Linux when user set background color on tabs.

  • Fixed: Tooltip for Drag & Drop over tabs is not visible when the window is maximized.
  • Fixed: Wrong redirection on Google+ page: Apps, when preferences are to open links in new tab.
  • Fixed: Issue in combination with Vertical Tabs Add-on.
  • Fixed: Incompatibility with Secure Login extension.
  • Fixed: Any clicking options on tab to 'Activate/Deactivate tab auto reload' reload the tab non-stop (the interval is zero).
  • Added: New shortcut 'Switch to last active tab'. to set the new shortcut opent Tab mix preferences window and go to Menu > Shortcut.
  • Backed out: changeset from 141229a1, Session manager doesn't save scroll position from remote tabs. It prevents session manage from saving a session when quitting Firefox on Mac OS.

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