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  • Fixed: search page open link in current tab, when the preference is to open links in new tab.
  • Fixed: Google+ Share opens new tab instead of the current tab when the preference is to open links in new tab.
  • Fixed: Close quickly multiple tabs (with tab close button) requires multiple double-clicks.
  • Fixed: Don't sync sessions.onStart.sessionpath.
  • Fixed: Clicking on non-selected tab sometimes (when the non-selected tab was previously double-clicked) select previous tab when the preference 'click to select previous tab' is on.
  • Fixed: [e10s] Session manager doesn't save scroll position from remote tabs, calling history entry nsISHEntry.getScrollPosition throw an error.

  • Fixed: Pinned tabs from last session load as blank tabs.
  • Fixed: New tab page won't load using latest Nightly after bug 1077652 landed. Firefox 37.
  • Fixed: Search bar doesn't work and results in blank page after bug 1106101 landed. Firefox 35+.
  • Fixed: Link that open new tab doesn't work after bug 1031264 landed. Firefox 37.

  • Fixed: Incompatibility with Personas Interactive Theme Engine 1.6.5, search bar not working.
  • Fixed: Compatibility Reporter 2.0.4 and PDF Download break Session manager prompt on startup.
  • Fixed: Updates for Nightly 36.

  • Fixed: Update compatibility with Pale Moon 25.
  • Fixed: The close button on the tab bar is wrong on a retina screen (high resolution).
  • Fixed: Can't change new tab button position when tabbar is below content.
  • Fixed: The tabs are cut off by the bottom of the window, when tabs are on the bottom, the window isn't maximized and the menu bar is hidden.

  • Fixed: Tab width expands when mouse is over the tab, regressed by build 141014a (changeset d1b7407592b4).
  • Fixed: Don't add id with colon, it cause document.querySelector to throw an exception - An invalid or illegal string was specified.
  • Fixed: Preferences: Don't change session preference when Session manager extension installed.
  • Fixed: Preferences: Restore Defaults doesn't work when there are pending changes.

  • Fixed: Make tab drag indicator visible, when user move TabsToolbar directly above content.
  • Fixed: When replacing last tab, the new tab is not supposed to be private (PrivateTab extension).
  • Fixed: Update compatibility with Tile Tabs 11.12.
  • Fixed: Tabs merged in reverse order, when the preference openTabNext is true and both browser.tabs.insertRelatedAfterCurrent and openTabNextInverse are false.
  • Fixed: Preference window: turn 'Force to open in new tab:' to radio control, add check box to enable/disable the preference. disable 'Open links with a target attribute in current tab' when 'Force to open in new tab:' is set to 'All links'.
  • Fixed: Force SessionStore.restoreLastSession to open new window only if the user restore another session.
  • Fixed: Select & reload unloaded tab ends with blank tab. don't reload tab when Session Restore started to restore it.
  • Fixed: Use one close button on tab, show it on left side or when mouse is over the tab according to user preferences. (Report if you see any problem with close tab button with non-default theme). (pushed to

  • Fixed: "Open new tabs next to current one" option is not working in version
  • Fixed: Don't add background to the tab strip for light weight theme in Mac OS.
  • Fixed: Unloaded tabs don't have an icon with Tabmix's Sessions Manager.
  • Fixed: Content context menu items are misplace. [Firefox 32+].
  • Fixed: First tab don't have close tab button. [Firefox 17-29].
  • Fixed: Fix incompatibility with UnloadTab extension.
  • Fixed: Fix incompatibility with WEB.DE MailCheck extension. (pushed to

  • Fixed: Session Manager restore only blank tabs. (ReferenceError: reference to undefined property tabdata.extData in tabView.js).
  • Fixed: Calling sessionstartup.doRestore before it finished to read sessionstore.js throw an error, and break Tab Mix startup.
  • Fixed: When openin non-blank tab from new tab command the address bar isn't empty.
  • Fixed: [e10s] Update Tabmix.BrowserOpenTab to work with remote tab by calling gBrowser.loadOneTab.
  • Fixed: Click from history menu button not open in new tab. Handle click on menu items in PanelUI-history button.
  • Fixed: Close tab icon on tabbar is messed-up (On PaleMoon and Linux versions before Firefox 28).
  • Added: 'Don’t load tabs until selected' preference to Tab Mix Options > Session > Restore[/list]. (pushed to

  • Fixed: Improve compatibility with Vertical Tabs extension.
  • Fixed: Sometimes undo closed tabs button stay disabled.
  • Fixed: Show 'Restore Previous Session' button on about:home page when user didn't restore last session.
  • Fixed: Set our 'Auto Reload' context menu on all button with command to reload or stop, this patch will add our context menu to button added by Classic Theme Restorer.
  • Fixed: [e10s] Address bar lost focus after opening a new tab using remote tabs.
  • Fixed: [e10s] Update open multiple links function to work with remote tabs.
  • Fixed: Re-declaration of variables broke Tab Mix on Nightly from September 16 2014.

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