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  • Fixed: Remove the use of browser.tabs.closeButtons pref by bug 865826 broke Tab Mix on Firefox 31.0+.
  • Fixed: Tab Mix not working correclty with Feedly.
  • Fixed: Private Browsing icon is missing on multi-row or when the tab-bar is on bottom (below content) Firefox 29.

  • Fixed: Conflict with Tile Tabs 11.0, double-click to CloseOtherTabs fails.
  • Fixed: Missing tab title.
  • Fixed: Can not drag&drop text containing spaces to the tab bar.
  • Fixed: Clear Tab Mix saved sessions checkbox is not set in Options > Privacy > Clear history when Firefox closes.
  • Fixed: Restore immediately new tab opened by "Open Link in Duplicated Tab".
  • Fixed: Slideshow and toggleFLST shortcuts not working.

  • Added: New option to show tab context menu on tabbar, look in Tab Mix Plus Options > Menu > Tab Context Menu.
  • Fixed: When the preference "Hide the tab bar When I have only one tab" is set, height for buttons on the tabbar is wrongly set to 0 (zero).
  • Fixed: Tabs colors not restored when restoring more than one window (TypeError: Tabmix.tabStyles is undefined), Enable/Disable text color doesn't work.
  • Fixed: Closing Firefox needs clicking "File/Exit" TWO times.
  • Fixed: Options window > Mouse > Mouse clicking not working properly, when opening the options window not from the first browser window.
  • Fixed: Warning about closing multiple tabs is missing with Nightly from February 2, 2014.

  • Added: New option to set gradient color on tabs by applying different color to top and bottom, new option to hide RGB fields.
    (Tab Mix Options > Display > Tab > Customize Styles...)
  • Fixed: Bug 931891 screws up middle-click/closed tab and breaks right click on page content. [Firefox 27.0b2]
  • Fixed: Properly disable toggle FLST (Find Last Selected Tab) and tab slide show shortcuts, fix notification label to match the shortcuts.

  • Fixed: [Australis] Update our styles for tabs background color to work with Australis on Mac OS X and Linux. [Firefox 28+]
  • Fixed: Fix multi-row background color on tabbar in Mac OS X.
  • Fixed: Unread Style only apply to new tabs after first load.
  • Fixed: Can't closed tab with show-over button, TypeError: tabContainer.tabbrowser is undefined.
  • Fixed: Some compatibility issues with TreeStyleTab.
    • Fixed: Can't use close button on tab with vertical TreeStyleTab. [Nightly 28+]
    • Fixed: Fix tab progress top margin when tabbar is vertical by TreeStyleTab. [Nightly 28+]
    • Fixed: Disable our background colors when treeStyleTabs installed.
  • Fixed: History Recently Closed Tabs popup flicker on Linux Ubuntu.

  • Fixed: [Australis] Update our styles for tabs background color to work with Australis on Windows. [Firefox 28+]
  • Fixed: Throbber is missing since dev-build 131123a1. [Firefox 28+]
  • Fixed: New tab open at the end with latest Nightly since bug 943820 landed. [Firefox 28+]
  • Fixed: Options > Menu > Shortcuts is broken on OS X and Nightly with Australis when some of the shortcuts are in use by other extensions or Firefox.
  • Fixed: Don't block "YouTube Center Settings" when Greasemonkey installed.
  • Fixed: [Australis] Remove horizontal orient from buttons that are in in Australis new buttons panel. [Firefox 28+]
  • Fixed: [Australis] Closed tabs and closed windows buttons are disabled in Australis new buttons panel. [Firefox 28+]
  • Fixed: Disabling Tab Mix on popup messed up main context menu.
  • Fixed: [Australis] Update tab-progress margin for Windows. [Firefox 28+]

  • Fixed: Selected tab messed-up after bug 940262 landed on Nightly (Australis). [Firefox 28]
  • Fixed: Click options on tab bar not working on Nightly (Australis). [Firefox 28]
  • Fixed: Set Tab Mix buttons height to 24px on Nightly (Australis). [Firefox 28]
  • Fixed: Fix multi-row scroll buttons height on Windows with Nightly (Australis) [Firefox 28]

  • Fixed: Focus urlbar when Firefox starts with a blank tab, by Tab Mix Session manager.
  • Fixed: Tree Style Tab extension "Bookmark this Tree" is broken.
  • Fixed: Remove blank tab that open the "Launch Application" dialog.
  • Fixed: Auto reload state not restored after crash with Tab Mix Session Manager.
  • Fixed: Restored auto reload not starts for pending tabs.
  • Fixed: Build-in SessionStore don't restore Tab Mix tab attributes for lock, protect, user name and auto reload (bug 905049), Firefox 25+.
  • Fixed: Links from open in the same tab.
  • Fixed: Show last 6 custom times in "Reload Tab Every" menu.

  • Fixed: New tab button disappeared after tab closed when tabs are in multi-row.
  • Fixed: Add option to "Mouse clicking" options not to use Tab Mix command and use Firefox default or other extension.
  • Fixed: Some shortcuts doesn't work when disabling few shortcuts in Tab Mix > menu > shortcuts.
  • Fixed: Duplicated tab always shows last page of the tabs history [Firefox 25].
  • Removed: support for Firefox 11.0-17.0.

  • Fixed: Firefox closed when session restore starts with pinned tabs [Firefox 25].
  • Fixed: Session don't fully restored when one of the tabs title contain ][.
  • Fixed: Bug 928335 broke Tab Mix on Nightly. [Firefox 27+]

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