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  • Fixed: Bug 900910 broke Tabmix on Firefox 25.0b9. [Firefox 25]
  • Fixed: Update "Recently Closed Windows" code after bug 926928 landed. [Firefox 27]
  • Fixed: Shortcuts that was disabled from Tabmix Options > Menu > Shortcuts are enabled again after Firefox start.
  • Fixed: Tab panel on main option window is not fully visible on PaleMoon 24.
  • Fixed: Two close button are visible on the current tab (with ColorfulTabs installed).

  • Fixed: Session restore not always working when restoring to existing window.
  • Fixed: Links in not opening in new tab.
  • Fixed: Selected tab not always visible when entering overflow, after session restore, exit print preview, etc...
  • Fixed: Multi-row is broken when download link open new tab a the end.
  • Fixed: Incompatibility with InstantFox - address bar url not opening a new tab.

  • Fixed: Don't open new tab when the link protocol is not http, https or about.
  • Fixed: New option to hide "autoreload", "protected", "locked" icons on pinned tabs.
  • Fixed: Use "Close Tabs to the Right" and "Close Tabs to the Left" in our options window.
  • Fixed: Last tab is visible instead of selected tab isn't visible when Firefox starts with many tabs.
  • Fixed: Automatically close blank tab if it was opened by a link that start download a file, when "Prevent blank tabs when downloading files" is on. 2nd try, fixed - some download open twice, some download canceled.
  • Fixed: Buttons on Clear History when Firefox close dialog are not visible, Don't add our Tabmix's checkbox to a row that already have 2 items.
  • Fixed: Don't change default behavior for links that point to exiting frame in the current page.
  • Fixed: Incompatibility with MR Tech's Toolkit 6.0.4 - when Firefox starts all the tabs from last session are blank.
  • Fixed: Firefox crashed when last session contained non-ASCII text.
  • Backed out: Change from - Show warning about closing tabs when closing Firefox with Firefox > Quit (goQuitApplication) if there is only one browser window.

  • Fixed: Replace "Close Right Tabs" to "Close Tabs to the Right" in tab context menu.
  • Fixed: Pinned tabs removed when Firefox starts without restoring tabs and windows.
  • Fixed: Incompatibility with InstantFox.
  • Fixed: Correctly handle non-ASCII text in Shortcuts preference.
  • Fixed: Automatically close blank tab if it was opened by a link that start download a file, when "Prevent blank tabs when downloading files" is on.
  • Added: option to sync Tabmix preferences, enable it in Tabmix Options > Preferences button. the preferences only sync if you enabled sync in Firefox Options.

  • Fixed: Incompatibility with OmniSideBar extension.
  • Fixed: Missing label "Undo Close Tab" in main context menu with build 130914a.
  • Fixed: Session manager open the home page after the restored session when Firefox starts. [Firefox 24.]

  • Fixed: Other extensions can cause delay to some of the events Tabmix uses for initialization.
  • Fixed: Don't load duplicate tabs from "Open Links in New Tabs".
  • Fixed: Incompatibility with PrivateTab extension.
  • Fixed: Add an option to disable mouse scroll on tabbar completely.
  • Fixed: Ctrl+Shift+T no longer opening new tabs when using Firefox Aurora 25.0a2 from 2013-09-12+.

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