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  • Fixed: Session manager failed to restore after crash.
  • Fixed: Incompatibility with colorfuletabs, can't set text color for tabs.
  • Fixed: Firefox 23 Remove the ability to not "Always show the tab bar" (bug 855370]).
  • Fixed: Update compatibility with Session manager extension version 0.8.
  • Fixed: Warn about closing tabs not showing on last window and showing twice on other windows. (Firefox 20+)

  • Removed: Support for Firefox 4.0 - 10.0.
  • Improved: Faster Options dialog, now using standard Firefox prefwindow.
  • Fixed: Use loadInBackground when tab opens from text-link. Firefox 21+
  • Fixed: Update support for Session manager extension version 0.8.
  • Fixed: When in single window mode allow one normal window and one private window. (Firefox 20+)
  • Fixed: When in single window mode, make sure that undoCloseWindow will open the closed window in the most recent non-private window. (Firefox 20+)

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