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  • Fixed: Don't break Firefox when other extension change build-in function before us.
  • Fixed: Update compatibility with X-notifier (aka WebMail Notifier) 2.9.13+.
  • Fixed: When the option to "Middle-click or Control-click opens items in current tab" is enable, Ctrl-click on bookmarks & history menu item doesn't open the item address in the current tab.
  • Fixed: Session manager breaks restart-less extensions Add-on initialization.
  • Fixed: First aid after bug 818800 Remove the global private browsing service in per-window PB.[Firefox 20.0]

  • Fixed: Open tab from bookmarks can stay in the background Bug 768442. [Firefox 18+]
  • Fixed: Incompatibility with AVG 2013 Security Toolbar.
  • Fixed: Incompatibility with IE Tab V2
  • Fixed: Import/Export Tabmix setting doesn't work on Firefox 4.0-17.0.1 with version
  • Fixed: Firefox fails to start properly when few window open at once in single windows mode.
  • Fixed: In Linux: last tab is flicker when hovering with the mouse over it, when close button on tab is visible only when hovering.
  • Fixed: when new tab button is after last tab and we are in multi-row with only 1 tab in last row the button can flicker when selecting different tab if panorama was activated before.
  • Fixed: Duplicate tab to new window is not working is some cases.
  • Fixed: Middle click on a link not working when location.href is undefined.
  • Fixed: Dragging tab to the tab-bar margin area (extra space on both tab-bar sides) can break Firefox.

  • Fixed: Update compatibility with TreesStyleTabs and TabGroups manager.
  • Fixed: Warn when closing window with multitabs doesn't work in Firefox 17+, (bug 737792).
  • Fixed: Links from About Firefox window not working on Mac OS.
  • Fixed: Can't open Tabmix's options window (bug 769101),Firefox 18+.
  • Fixed: Tabmix not compatible with 12/12/12 Nightly.
  • Fixed: Some links opens twice (bug 607280),Firefox 19+.
  • Fixed: Encrypted Google's "Show search tools", open options in new tab. [Firefox 14+]

  • Fixed: Follow up bug 761723 implement toString of function objects by saving source. [Firefox 17+]
  • Fixed: Google's "Show search tools", open options in new tab. [Firefox 14+]

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