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  • Fixed: Dbl-click on the tabbar after closing tab with the button was blocked.

  • Fixed: Override position relative for selected tab when the tabbar is on the bottom. relative position causing corrupted look.
  • Fixed: Incompatibility with Searchbar Autosizer.
  • Fixed: Incorrect number of tabs in the warning when closing window with tabs and "Prevent last tab from closing" is on.
  • Fixed: Hide close tab button on last tab when address is about:newtab. [Firefox 12+]
  • Fixed: Follow up bug 763468 - Use about:privatebrowsing for new tabs opened in private browsing mode.
    Tabmix.newTabURL don't return the current BROWSER_NEW_TAB_URL.
  • Fixed: When Firefox starts by opening external link and there are hidden tabs in groups, Tabmix Session manager doesn't select the external link tab.
  • Fixed: Prevent Firefox from setting max-width on tabs when tabbar is in vertical mode, Incompatibility with TreeStyleTabs extension.

  • Fixed: Change in Firefox 14+ (bug 730629) broke Tabmix option to open new tab for "links to other sites".
  • Fixed: Changes in Firefox 15+ (bug 749628) broke Tabmix middle-click on bookmark.
  • Added: New option for Auto Reload - "Reload a tab regardless of its address" at Tabmix options > Events > Tab Features (default: true).

  • Fixed: Incompatibility with classic compact theme & extension. (
  • Fixed: Incompatibility with TreeStyleTabs extension. (
  • Back-out: Handle left-clicks on links in (

  • Fixed: Prevents window flicker at start-up when layers.acceleration.disabled is false.
  • Fixed: Tabs order reversed when Firefox restore last session. Aurora 15+

  • Fixed: Update our start-up function to work after changes from bug 731926 - Refactor init/shutdown functions in browser.js. Firefox 16+
  • Fixed: Handle left-clicks on links in
  • Fixed: "Open Links in New Tabs" doesn't appear in context menu on XML pages, when a is inside <li><p>,
    <li><p><a href='foo'>FOO</a></p></li>.
  • Fixed: Incompatibility with FaviconizeTab, make sure to update multi-row view after faviconize.toggle.
  • Fixed: Incompatibility with MouseControl extension MouseControl.newTab move tab again after Tabmix move it.
  • Fixed: Incompatibility with TabLang extension, TabLang replace gBrowser.swapBrowsersAndCloseOther.
  • Fixed: Get about:newtab sites title from bookmark when extensions.tabmix.titlefrombookmark is true.
  • Fixed: When selecting different tab fast with the mouse sometimes original onxblmousedown can call gBrowser.tabContainer._selectNewTab function before our mousedown can prevent it.
  • Added: Tabmix Options > Tab opening, UI for the new preference - - to open search result from "Context menu search for" in background tab. Firefox 13+

  • Fixed: "Rename this tab regardless of its address" doesn't work unless you reset it while the panel is open.
  • Fixed: Don't set about:newtab and about:blank as unread after session restore or reload.

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