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Changes in Version 0.4.0


  • Fixed: Incompatibility with Custom Buttons extension.


  • Fixed: Disable drag tab feature on tab close button as in default Firefox.
  • Fixed: Incompatibility with instantfox.
  • Fixed: Enter and Alt+Enter both open address in new tab in Firefox 10+.


  • Fixed: Links radio is always selected when Tabmix options opened, event when different panel is visible.
  • Fixed: Incompatibility with Auto Complete extensions [Firefox 4.0 - 9.0]
  • Fixed: Update Tabmix to work with the new about:newtab [Firefox 12.0] In Tabmix Options > Events > New Tabs
    set Load on new tabs to: New Tab Page/User Location set Address/Location to about:newtab


  • Fixed: Can't update Boolean radiogroups in the option window (Drop indicator, Merge only current window with last focused).
  • Fixed: Can't scroll horizontal tab bar by one tab.


  • Fixed: Unable to detach tab when tab bar on bottom of the screen and I drop a tab to the content above the tab bar.
  • Fixed: Override ColorfulTabs css rules that brake multy-row and dragging tabs.
  • Fixed: Shift + enter in the address bar shouldn't opens new Firefox window. [Firefox 10.0+]


  • Fixed: Incompatibility with FoxTab, new tabs always open at the end, even when the preference is to "open new tab next to current one".
  • Fixed: Links with onclick that starts with "javascript:" are broken.


  • Fixed: Don't set max-height on list all tabs popup.
  • Fixed: Follow up to bug 707672 - openUILink[In] behavior should not be determined by browser.tabs.loadBookmarksInBackground.
  • Fixed: Set max version to 12.0a1.


  • Fixed: Issue with Google Calendar, Tabmix.contentAreaClick.GoogleComLink don't identify
  • Fixed: Update TabmixConvertSession to match changes in Session manager extension.
  • Fixed: Can't set opacity to 0 in customize style dialog.
  • Fixed: Tabs with url label have minimum width.
  • Fixed: With TreeStyleTabs and vertical tabbar, new tab button is collapsed when TST enter overflow, it cause infinite loop of overflow/underflow.
  • Added: New setting "Focus content when loading non-blank page" in closing last tab section. extensions.tabmix.selectLocationBar.afterLastTabClosed default true.


  • Fixed: Tools > Session Manager doesn't work in Ubuntu 11.10 when global menu is on.
  • Fixed: Right Scroll box moves to left side in Ubuntu after tabbar changed to "tabs on top".
  • Fixed: User can't open Tabmix preference file on OS X, if it was saved without ".txt" extension.
  • Fixed: Images are hidden in Tabmix preference window on Ubuntu.
  • Fixed: Tabs are hidden after print preview when tabbar is below content (windows XP).


  • Fixed: Multi Row malfunction in Linux.
  • Fixed: Unintended left margin, on the tabbar with pinned tabs, after switching scroll button position from Tabmix options dialog.
  • Fixed: Close other tabs move the pointed tab to first position also when some protected tabs didn't closed.


  • Fixed: Ctrl-tab don't work properly after tabs opened in the background.
  • Fixed: Window is sometimes transparent at start-up for s split second.
  • Fixed: Multi-row not always change height after window re-sized.
  • Fixed: Multi-row not always change height after tab closed.


  • Added: New option to turn smooth scroll on and off Options > Display > TabBar (form about:config: toolkit.scrollbox.smoothScroll).
  • Fixed: Position all pinned tabs on one row.
  • Fixed: middle-click functionality is broken If TMP_extensionsCompatibility.onDelayedStartup failed to run. Tabmix.isGMEnabled is undefined.
  • Fixed: Tabmix is not Initialized properly when Gmail-manager call master password before start. multi-row messed-up.
  • Fixed: Tabmix disturb pop-ups windows initialization.
  • Fixed: Multi-row scroll up is faster than scroll down.
  • Fixed: Dragging tab over right scroll buttons doesn't scroll.


  • Fixed: Update locals from (preference without translation are in English).
  • Fixed: Multi-row tababr have empty row when exiting tabs-in-title.
  • Fixed: Session manager is not restoring existing saved session on start-up when save on exit is turn off.


  • Fixed: Empty row or missing row when toggling Tabs on Top status.
  • Fixed: sometimes tabs not entering to multi-row when tab bar on title and tabs are flex (tab width fits tab title is off).
  • Fixed: backout rename TMP_BrowserOpenTab to Tabmix.browserOpenTab It is causing incompatibility with speed-dial, fast dial and TabGgroupManager.
  • Fixed: Add option to turn off Bug 465086 changes. In Mouse Gestures: When closing a tab, other tabs should not resize until cursor leaves tab toolbar.
  • Fixed: tabs will not resize themselves automatically when going from more than 1 row of tabs to a single row.


  • Fixed: Session manager mishandle Unicode characters in URLs.
  • Fixed: Problem with tab on bottom of the screen, when the tabbar is hidden at start-up.
  • Fixed: Typo break middle-click on url bar history popup.
  • Fixed: Middle-click on links not always work.
  • Fixed: Fast-Dial compatibility update - Fast Dial no longer shows up when opening new (blank) tab.
  • Fixed: shift-click on link should open the link in new window. alt-click should open Save As dialog.


  • New: Implement smooth scroll.
  • Remove support for Firefox 3.5 - 3.6.x.
  • Fixed: Tabmix tab list ensure selected tab is visible in the list, highlight visible tabs (like Firefox 7.0+) and set maximum height.
  • Fixed: Ctrl-Tab not working well when new tab open in the background after session restore.
  • Fixed: Menus in open in new tab.
  • Fixed: Incompatibility with Webmail Notifier, tab open in the background even if Tabmix setting is to open tabs in foreground.
  • Fixed: When using single window mode clicking on Firefox icon not focus the current window when it is minimized.
  • Fixed: Clean drag&drop handler, fix after Bug 465186 - When detaching a tab, open the new window at the drop location landed.
  • Fixed: TreeStyleTab compatibility update.
  • Fixed: TabGroupManager compatibility update.
  • Fixed: VerticalTabs compatibility update.
  • Fixed: Add comment in option dialog when treeStyleTab or VerticalTab are installed.
  • Fixed: Session manager mishandle Unicode characters in URLs.

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