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Tab Mix Plus

Firefox 57 drops support for all legacy add-ons, including Tab Mix Plus. From Firefox 57 onwards, Firefox will not install Tab Mix Plus.
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Tab Mix WebExtension

I am currently working on converting Tab Mix Plus code base to the new WebExtension format.
Tab mix code base holds more than 35,000 line of code in 139 files.

It is currently unclear when Tab Mix Plus as a WebExtension will be ready, it will not be ready before Firefox 57 official release. I am also not sure it will be possible to implement all Tab mix features in the new format.

Vote on Mozilla

Vote on Mozilla website for APIs/bug fixes needed by Tab Mix Plus WebExtension.
Read here, about the bug list and instructions of how to vote.

Anyone who wants to contribute code or assist in any other way can contact me directly via

Using legacy Tab mix plus with Firefox Nightly:

Using legacy Tab mix plus with Firefox ESR: